Belly dancing . . . Middle Eastern dance . . . Arabic Dance . . . Whatever you choose to call it, royalties have been bedazzled by it, poets have been inspired by it and many an artist has celebrated its enigmatic beauty. This captivating art form invites women of all ages and sizes on a journey of discovery to find their inner beauty and unique sensuality. But where did it originate from? One school of thought believes that this Middle Eastern dance form was initially part of ancient fertility ceremonies – performed by women, for women. More about this exquisite art form . . .


char1South African belly dancers and belly dancing enthusiasts will need to go far to find a performer and teacher as skilled and experienced as Charlotte. In fact, you’ll need to go all the way to Egypt.
Charlotte is one of a small car2handful South Africans with Egyptian acknowledgment as a teacher and performer of the art form.

Not to mention the international accolades she’s picked up during her pver twenty years of belly dancing experience. But for Charlotte, Belly dancing isn’t just a dream. It’s her passion. She doesn’t just teach it – she embodies it. More about Charlotte...


With belly dancing classes in Randburg, Sandton, Pretoria and Bloemfontein, Jewels of the Nile became thechar3 biggest, most respected Belly dancing Studio in South Africa. But their superiority was thanks to the personal attention and individual growth on which the studio is founded. But Expert Tuition and spellbinding Performances are only two facets of this magnificent gem. With the likes of Franchise Opportunities, Teacher Training Programmes, Training DVD’s and exciting Team Building or Group Events, the Jewels of the nile took the art of bellydancing to a whole new level. More about Jewels of the Nile…

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