Client Comments

Some interesting comments from few Jewel Clients …

  • Once again I want to say thanx for Saterday, it was a huge success, and the girls are still talking about it.  It was a fun, educational and nothing beats laughing…. At once self!!! I can’t wait to book you again! Looking forward to the next one. … Melissa
  • The party was a huge success and we all had great fun!  Sincere thanks to you for getting them to shed their shoes and hang-ups. You are truly fantastic and I suspect you are going to have quite a few of the ladies contacting you for lessons in the new year. Please send the newsletter; I’ll make sure they get it. Trudy.
  • Hello Charlotte, What a fabulous picture! You and your dancer were such a hit with my group. They are still speaking of it. The PCO mentioned it again today. He cannot get over his client being so enthralled by the entire experience. Once again, THANK YOU. Kindest regards Jane.
  • Thank you for coming all the way to Vereeniging on Saturday.  The girls had fun you should have heard their comments when the guys pitched up later on Saturday night….  :o)Jacky said yesterday her arms were eina…  :o) Thank you also for the DVD.   Keep well! Debbie.
  • Thank you for the SHOW last night. The people asked that I specially thank you on their behalf for the fantastic entertainment. Lots of blessings!
  • “The visit from Charlotte from Jewels of the Nile Bellydancing was like a dream come true!
  • I always wanted to belly dance and then I saw her perform on TV and immediately knew I wanted to dance like that!So, a group of KZN woman got together and we hosted the ‘St Lucia Bellydance Workshop.’ Wow,what a wonderful experience!! .And that was the over-all feel from our local goddesses!
  • This resulted in getting the wheels in motion to have our own weekly belly dance sessions, Charlotte/ Jewels of the Nile Style,of course!” – Lizelle, Shimmying in St Lucia.
  • The ladies had a ball and are still talking about it. It is amazing that we do look at one another in a different light now. It was also a fun workout and sure beats going to gym! Kind regards, M C – CBZ.
  • “When we see the looks of enjoyment on a group of people’s faces, we know that once again the Jewels of the Nile have succeeded in enthralling clients and also ensuring that the Theme of the evening is a Monumental success. Thank you Charlotte, again and again.” … JB.
  • “Charlotte, watching you dance at the Hafla was a real treat.  I have never watched you perform, other than in class – which is generally at our pace.  I have always been fascinated by the art of Belly dancing, and have seen performances in shows and restaurants, both locally and in London.  I must say that your performance is by far the best I have seen.  Your entire being responds to the music in a way I have never seen before.  It’s as if you are dancing with your soul, which is totally captivating for the audience.  Needless to say, I was totally mesmerized by your performance.  You are a true inspiration for your students.” … G.
  • “Charlotte provided us with an amazing presentation.
  • She got all the ladies involved which resulted in all the ladies laughing and having fun as well as networking with each other.
  • I highly recommend Charlotte for your event and please feel free to contact me regarding further reference.
  • Candice Rodger – Marketing Manager – SASPA
  • Charlotte’s class was more than just great fun, it was quite a challenge and definitely inspirational! … MS.
  • Thank you for the fabulous time we had with you on Saturday – moving our bodies, discovering the “goddess within”.  Belly dancing is amazing – it makes you feel special and feminine, no matter what size you are.We had a wonderful time!!  Thanks again.” … Marina.
  • “the belly dancers were punctual and well prepared. The show was excellent, exciting and nexotic. The guests was raving about their performance. I found that after their interaction with the guests, everyone was more relaxed. Then the party really started!! I personally enjoyed their performance very much and will definitely make use of their services again. I can recommend them to anyone that wants to spice up any event!” … CdB.
  • “You were fab!!!” … Zoe.
  • “It has been a great experience to work with your artists they were all fantastic on they performance & showcased best in they category.Been part of a corporate outdoor event marking 250yrs has been a great pleasure to share with your company been part of it.
  • I’m sure we will be back @ it in the near future on another level.” … Owen.
  • “Your ladies were Great. Thank-you” … O.
  • “I have received great feedback from my friend who requested for you to perform at her friend’s birthday party this past weekend. (I did not expect anything less …). You looked beautiful! Thank you very much for accommodating her request!” … Z.
  • “I just wanted to thank you for performing at my wedding. The performance was most spectacular and unusual at Indian weddings. Guests were indeed thrilled and in awe of the dancing and leading in of the couple by belly dancing. It set the tone and mood for the reception and was the perfect start to an amazing evening.” … SB

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